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Grilled chicken, mixed greens, avocado, bacon, tomato, egg, crumbled bleu cheese and roasted red peppers

Have a casual lunch

If you're used to having a light lunch, our lunch menu is perfect for you. With options such as soup, salad, wraps and burgers, you won't find heavy setting meals that'll make you sluggish afterwards.

Dining at Casey's Restaurant is always a pleasant experience. Make our restaurant your home away from home!

Drop by our restaurant for a nice lunch out with your friends.




Buffalo Jumbo Chicken Wings


Mild, Hot, BBQ or Garlic, Maple Adobo Sauce

Single (10): $9.95

Double (20): $17.95

50 Pieces: $39.95

100 Pieces: $69.95

Start off your meal with a large heaping dish of buffalo wings!

Get in touch with your healthy side by ordering

a delicious salad from

our menu!

Our selection of sandwiches and wraps are sure to delight you!

Casey's Sampler Platter


Mozzarella Sticks, Chicken Fingers, Potato Skins and Buffalo Wings



Sauteed onions, peppers, roasted red peppers, chicken - vegetable

Chicken Fingers


Tender strips of chicken, fried and served with Honey Mustard

Fried Calamari


Calamari, lightly breaded and fried, served with cocktail sauce


Soup of the Day

$2.25 (cup)

$3.95 (bowl)

French Onion

$3.95 (cup)

$4.95 (crock)

New England Clam Chowder

$3.50 (cup)

$4.95 (bowl)


*All Salads served with warm french Baguette

Caesar Salad

$7.95 (plain caesar)

$9.95 (chicken)

Fresh cut romaine heart tossed with croutons, caesar dressing, roasted red peppers, and Parmesan cheese

Spinach and Chicken

Baby spinach, bacon, mushrooms, egg, crumbled bleu cheese, grilled chicken and roasted red peppers



Mixed greens, onions, carrots, tomatoes, boiled egg, black olives, bacon, turkey, roast beef, ham, American cheese and roasted red peppers



Mixed greens, olives, onions, tomatoes, carrot, feta cheese and roasted red peppers


$7.95 (plain greek)

$9.95 (chicken)

Taco Salad

Mixed greens, tomato, hot peppers, red onion, black andgreen olives, cheddar jack cheese. Served in a homemade tortilla bowl w/sour cream & salsa and chicken.



Mixed greens with onions, tomato, carrot, olives, artichoke hearts, salami, ham, provolone, hot peppers and roasted red peppers


Hot Turkey


Slow roasted turkey breast sliced thin, served over white bread topped w/turkey gravy and side of cranberry

Includes French fries, cole slaw and dill pickle



Swiss, sauerkraut, Russian dressing, corned beef on grilled rye

Turkey Reuben


Swiss, sauerkraut, Russian dressing, turkey on grilled rye

Haddock Fish Fry


Fresh haddock hand breaded to order, served on a roll w/tarter sauce

Tuna Melt


Grilled on rye w/American cheese and tomato

Philly Cheesesteak


Thinly-sliced Rib Eye steak sauteed with onions, topped with American cheese and hot peppers served on a crusty baguette

Chicken Salad or Tuna Salad


w/ lettuce and tomato served on your choice of bread

Tuscany Grilled Chicken


Oven roasted tomato, fresh spinach, roasted red peppers, melted provolone on toasted French baguette served

with garlic mayo


1/2 Cold Sandwich and Soup or Salad



Turkey Club


Triple decker w/tomato, lettuce, bacon on toasted white bread

Roast Beef Club


Triple decker w/ tomato, lettuce, bacon on toasted white bread


Grilled Chicken


Sliced chicken, lettuce, tomato, onions, mayonnaise and roasted red peppers

Turkey Club


Roasted turkey, mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato and bacon

Roast Beef



Roast beef, lettuce, tomato, bacon, provolone cheese and russian dressing.

Buffalo Chicken


Buffalo fried chicken tenders with letuce, tomato and onion, served with your favorite sauce on the side


#1 Classic Burger

Served with lettuce and tomato.

Salad Food set meal Casey's Restaurant's dinning set Buffalo wings Tomato salad Fish meal



Tuna salad, chicken salad, turkey, roast beef or corned beef

Maryland Crab Cake Sandwich


Lettuce, tomato and lemon pepper Aioli

Lunch Features

Served with a house salad





Includes French fries, cole slaw and dill pickle

Includes French fries, cole slaw and dill pickle

8 oz. fresh burger served with cole slaw and French fries



French Dip Sandwich


Fresh sliced roast beef simmered in Au Jus, served on a baguette with dipping broth.




Iceberg lettuce, beefsteak tomato, Crisp bacon, served on toasted white bread with Hellmann's mayo.



Served on white bread with iceberg lettuce,  tomato, bacon and and Hellmann's mayo.


Roast Beef

Served on white bread with iceberg lettuce, tomato, bacon and russian dressing.

Turkey Sandwich

Fresh Baked Haddock

New York Sirloin Steak

Grilled Salmon

Fish & Chips

Warm roast beef, melted Swiss served with red onion, horseradish & Russian on a toasted brioche roll.

Lobster Roll

Sweet Maine lobster, toss in melted butter and served on a toasted New England style roll.



Casey's Roast Beef Sandwich

Casey's Homemade Mac & Cheese


Creamy mac & cheese served in a skillet and top with New Englands breadcrumbs

Grilled Cheese & Bowl of Soup of the Day

Grilled American cheese on white bread served with your choice of soup of the day.


#2 Cheese Burger

Your choice of cheese served with lettuce & tomato.


#3 Burger

American cheese, caramelized sweet onion and crispy bacon.


#4 Burger

Sautéed mushrooms and swiss cheese.


#5 Burger

Lettuce, tomato, bacon and fried sunny side up egg.